Recommend me tourist activities for people with mobility impairments

Berlin sightseeing bus | activities for people with mobility impairment


Recommend me tourist activities for people with mobility impairments. My parents are visiting me in Berlin and my father has reduced mobility and uses a walking stick and cannot walk a lot.


  • A boat tour. For example, Schiffstour 7-Seen-Rundfahrt: Über die Havelseen Richtung Potsdam.
  • My parents are similar and when they come I have thought of hiring a person with a bicycle rickshaw to ride around some of the city, I thought that would be fun. I don’t have a contact but I see them around when I look.
  • Boat and bus tours are nice. Most also have Guided audio tours so you know what you are seeing. The hop on and hop off bus you can hop out and hop in the next one if you like to get out to see something, get a snack. If getting out a few steps and in again is not a problem this is a good option. You can also just go around and don’t hop. Boat touts are also nice.

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