Where can I adopt a dog?

Sleeping French bulldog |c Adopt a dog in Berlin


I would like to become a dog father for the first time and I feel very related to french bulldogs. Any idea about how and where to find and adopt a dog? I’ve been reading about how serious is to have a dog in Germany so I am aware of the responsibility.


  • No matter how keen you are on a particular breed, I would say try to find a rescue animal with a mild temperament. There are lots of organisations in Germany where you can get dogs who have been rescued.
  • Frenchie owner here! Mine was from a rescue and I got her as a puppy. They are expensive to buy, and expensive at the vets! Even with pet health insurance, my dog is upwards of €150 a month, and she’s never had much wrong with her. BOAS surgery is common, as is slipped disk, and back problems due to their confirmation. Saying all that they are brilliant, clown-like dogs, great for cities, just have to watch them closely when it gets hot and keep them warm when it’s cold.
  • Daisy Family Rescue e.V. have lots of lovely rescue dogs. They take time to find the right do for the right person too.
  • Much Love Animal Rescue
  • We found our baby in Tierheim Berlin.
  • I worry about anyone who needs to be told that the animal shelter is the first place to check when looking for a pet. Actually, I don’t worry about the previous owners, I worry about the poor animal which may, unfortunately, end up under their charge.
  • Just a note of caution. Some German animal shelters won’t give a dog to folks who don’t have a garden. I don’t know if it is the same in Berlin. And they might want to see your place before allowing the dog to go there.
  • I think all the previous information about how delicate the breed is regarding health issues is great. Before getting a dog I also advise you to think ahead of time, let’s say 10 years. Is this dog going to be in your life for the next 10 years? What will happen with the dog when you need to go on holidays to your home country or move back? Is your flat at the moment willing to permit you to have a dog? What will happen when you need to move out of this flat and find a new one that allows dogs? What will happen when you have kids? Will the dog still be around? How is your economic situation? Will you be able to face all the vet bills that involve having a dog? (Sometimes simple diarrhoea can escalate to 3 digits bills or operations can be very expensive). On top of this, will you have time (and money) to educate the dog? Here in Berlin, I believe everyone takes special attention to this, so this is a big part. If you are good to go on all these subjects, then I recommend adopting. But please please, AVOID buying dogs from eBay Kleinanzeigen. These dogs are smuggled from east Europe, their parents are just some poor dogs used as puppy mills in the worse conditions and the babies arrive literally in Berlin just to die. Here in Berlin, there is a huge dog mafia that is doing this, therefore if your decision is buying, please only from a reputable breeder and that the breeder provides all the papers necessary (like their family tree) to know more about the origin of the dog. Ideally is also to see the parents and the conditions of the parents and that the dog is old enough to leave their mom (has already teeth).

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Sleeping French bulldog |c Adopt a dog in Berlin
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