Where can I take an allergy test?

Food allergy | Allergy test


Looking for a place in Berlin that does food intolerance/allergy tests in English. I tried Allergologe (DE) earlier, I was told the more appropriate person would be Gastroenterologe (DE) since intolerance and allergy are not the same problems. I was told that allergologists don’t do tests for food allergy but Hautärzte (DE) (Dermatologists). I am super confused.


  • If you mean fructose/lactose intolerance tests, they are not done before the end of the pandemic.
  • Dr. Med. Sophie Rüggeberg is amazing and surely can help!
  • I did the lactose intolerance test in Gastroenterologie Am Bayerischen Platz.
  • I did allergy tests (not food intolerances) at Charité. You need the referral from your GP for them.

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A man has a stomach pain due to a food allergy | Allergy test
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