What is the best bank for expats?

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In your opinion, what is the best bank for expats in Germany?


  • N26 if you want something flexible, online banking but not the greatest service. For a more traditional bank, Sparkasse has the highest amount of ATMs in Berlin. Besides, the service is not terrible.
  • Only ING or DKB. Best banks ever.
  • Depends on your personal financial goals. If you want to build credit in Germany, then go for Sparkasse. If you don’t care about building credit, then you can use Revolut or N26.
  • N26 or Tomorrow are my favourite both app-based banks.
  • Keep in mind N26 doesn’t work with SWIFT, which makes international transfers a bit more complicated. There are a few caveats on online banks. Also, they don’t help much in case of fraud. I use N26 so that’s why I’m highlighting the downsides. I heard good things about DKB (but it’s all in German).
  • True, N26 is not part of the SWIFT network. I needed to receive transfers using SWIFT some time ago and even contacted N26 support to get around that, but all they said was precisely that: N26 is not part of the SWIFT network.
  • Commerzbank. Update: is charging now 4,90€/month and people are actually leaving this bank.
  • I also recommend N26 because it’s super easy and fast to set up. For an expat friend, it was also the only bank that accepted them without any problems.
  • I have Sparkasse (only online banking) and pay 3€ a month. Everything works really good.
  • I use N26 for more than two years now and more than happy with it. It has a very user-friendly internet bank and requires only online registration. You can easily block the card in seconds right from the app in case you lost it and get a new one in your postbox within several days.

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