Where are the best burgers in Berlin?

Burger and fries | Best burgers in Berlin


What are the best burgers in Berlin?


  • Burgermeister is pretty amazing, especially considering the hype and expectations, so as much as I’d like to nominate some “hidden gem” – so far they are the best I’ve tried here.
  • Supreme Burger or Rembrandt Burger I would say. I tried a lot of burgers during my stay in Berlin when I was there because I really love a good burger. Good luck and have fun with it.
  • The Rebel Room and MarienBurgerie both nail the taste and style of local USA burger joints. It’s the flavour of my childhood.
  • I lived opposite Burgermeister in Schleschises Tor, it was exactly a 5-second walk from my flat. Needless to say, I put on weight during that time.
  • Grindhouse Burgers
  • I ordered from Burger Crew the other day and thought it was pretty good! Great fries, too.
  • BRGRS BRGRS if you like organic (I personally don’t like anything from their other than the burgers).
  • 86 Burger. It’d change your view on life!
  • All the above mentioned are good, I would like to recommend lemon chilli burger at Shiso Burger.
  • BurgerAMT, Rembrandt and Five Places Burger.
  • Crack Buns without a doubt, so good I ordered three times in the past 2 weeks.
  • It’s not really well known but in my opinion one of the best in town. It’s called Manhattan Burger, close to Charlottenburg Palace. Up to some months ago, they didn’t deliver too far from there. The fries are amazing.
  • Butter Bronson‘s in Mauerpark on Sundays does the best chicken burger I’ve ever had hands down.
  • Burgers Berlin is also awesome. I like it more than Burgermeister. You have got to try their curly fries.
  • I love Burger Zimmer and Burger City.
  • Your life is meaningless if you never ate a Bulgogi Burger at Shiso Burger Mitte. Kreuzburger also.
  • Tommi‘s Burger Joint is my fav.
  • Risa Burger
  • The Bird in Prenzlauer Berg is the BEST.
  • Pound & Pence
  • Salt n Bone by far.
  • You have to try the dry-aged beef burger at Kumpel & Keule in Markthalle/Skalitzer.
  • Burger Jam, real Angus beef.
  • I love Bobsek Burger near U-Bahn Blisserstr!
  • If you don’t care if it’s real meat, try Vedang.

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Burger and fries | Best burgers in Berlin
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