What is the best souvenir from Berlin?

A magnet in the shape of Brandenburg gate | Best souvenir from Berlin


What is the best souvenir from Berlin you would bring to your family or friends?


  • I mostly bring practical gifts for my family from the whole of Germany. Marzipan, good chocolate, tea – local Frisian and good quality tea from Paper & Tea, German slippers (house shoes) as well as Birkenstock’s, cheese from Allgäu, Riesling and other German wines, Schwarzwälder Schinken, advent calendars with chocolate, Falke socks, Schiesser pajamas and underwear, tote bags for groceries, Kneipp shower gels, Weleda creams, wooden holiday ornaments, German herbal alcohol – basically whatever you can eat, wear or use that’s good quality and not common or hard to get in the country I’m from.
  • Ketamine
  • Enframed Anmeldung that will make the family proud.
  • Ritter Sport chocolate and Insana shower gel.
  • Anything Ampelmann.
  • Ritter Sport chocolate usually does the job nicely.
  • A fax mashine, so they can always reach me if I end up under the care of any German Behörde.
  • Berliner Luft is always a big hit.
  • Cloth bags with nice berlin visuals, designs. I found a deal at the Ampelmann store on Unter den Linden in the touristic area of town. Across from haus der schweiz. Each for 7.95 € and if u get 3 you get one for free. My friends and I like such cloth bags. I buy them for self and friends as souvenirs from Greece, Italy, here, etc. One euro stores sometimes have good magnets too. And Primark sometimes has good dishclothes with berlin designs. But can’t find them consistently there.
  • Chocolate by Rausch and variety of cheese.
  • Berlin or other city Memorabilia. I bring children toys and in December everyone Christmas ornaments from the Erzgebirge region.
  • On my last visit home I’ve been criticised by my sisters for not bringing them any sweets, because I would usually bring some Lindt or Ritter Sport chocolate, Katjes gummy candy etc., and some German coffees for the in-laws. Oh, and some beers of course.
  • Berliner Luft, Marzipan, Katjes (basically vegan Haribos), Sweet Mustard-it’s more Bavarian thing but I love it.
  • A piece of the Berliner wall.
  • Curry sauce.
  • Pickles from Brandenburg.

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