Does the health insurance cover the blood work test (for vitamins)?

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Does the Health Insurance cover the blood work test (vitamin D, vitamin B and thyroid function)?


  • I can’t speak to the others, but I have TK and had to pay for vitamin D. I like to track my lab levels each year and never got a number either. The lab cost was €28.
  • Barmer pays for my D3 test every three months (plus others), but I have osteoporosis. If you have a condition and are curious, I can’t see how they wouldn’t pay.
  • Private insurance Hanse Merkur does.
  • TK paid for me to have Vit D when I was pregnant and I had Thyroid a few months ago and they covered that.
  • I have my thyroid checked every 6 months and I never pay, but I already had a certified issue before moving to Germany, I don’t know if it can make a difference. My health insurance is TK.
  • It’s generally self-pay.
  • My doctor said it depends on how the doctor writes up the reasons for the test. I got a D paid for as I have dark skin and dark skin absorbs less from the sun.
  • It all depends on your doctor, their limits and the reasons you have for those.
  • I have autoimmune thyroid and pre-diabetes, plus my parents were/are both diabetic and my mum had MS. So my doc does iron, vitamin D and B. And then depending on my “scores” for want of a better word either prescribes or recommends me different supplements.
  • Vitamin D is not covered unless you have a bone disease. Vitamin B is not covered unless you have a relevant condition (typical macrocytic anaemia, for instance, or myelosis, or sensitivity problem with a hint that it might be Vit B-dependent (usually it’s not)). If you are vegan, then you have a good chance to get your B12 checked on insurance costs. TSH is the parameter that health insurance will cover for the thyroid, and is the easiest one to get checked. Just tell your GP that you are tired and are losing hair or smth. The bottom line, health insurance covers nothing just because you want it. There has to be a reason for it.
  • I did my blood work test and pay €80 for vitamin tests.

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