Recommend me a bank that offers a business account for freelancers

Debit card | Business account for freelancers


Can anyone recommend me a bank, that offers a business account for freelancers?


  • I have one with Fyrst, you can sign up online. Doesn’t have a lot of features but is free and has all the basics. It is the business banking division of Postbank.
  • Kontist. Really good.
  • I recommend Kontist as well! I have been using them for 6 months now.
  • I really like Qonto, prefer it to Kontist as it has a much better online interface.
  • Worth noting Kontist is not a real bank but a reseller of SolarisBank, and Kontist routinely is unable to resolve issues directly. I have used Kontist before and had a thousand problems because I received non-EU payments.
  • I’m using Kontist and really like it (and I mostly get non-EU payments, no issues so far).
  • I have a business account for freelancers from Penta user and so far I am happy. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t support the HBCI Interface, which means I can’t do transactions through a third party bookkeeping software like lexoffice or sevDesk. I pay salaries and lots of invoices each month, so having to do them in Penta is a time-waster for me, and for that reason, I just opened a Fyrst account. But I’m keeping my Penta one too. I like the sub-accounts function, and the customer service is great.

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Debit card | Business account for freelancers
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