Where can I take piano lessons?

Question Where can I take piano lessons in Berlin? Answers MoaMusicschule Jüttner and Co Tak Mtk (Facebook) Alessandro Seggioli (Facebook) Giulio Frigerio (Facebook) Maria Papadouli (Facebook) Minna Etein (Facebook) is the best! Raul the Music Professor (Facebook) teaches private classes. Seong-eun Kim (Facebook) Salon Dreiklang great piano school Other education questions Continue Reading

Recommend me Spanish classes in Berlin (European Spanish)

Question Could anyone recommend some good Spanish classes in Berlin for European Spanish? Answers Take a look at Hispánicamente. The best classes you could take! Definitely Lalia Berlin – Language Classes! They have simply amazing teachers and groups are very small. I warmly recommend the communicative classes hosted by Lalia Berlin. I’ve Continue Reading