Are there any charities that help homeless people?

Homeless | Charities that help homeless people


It must be pure hell being homeless in this weather. Does anyone know of charities that help homeless people get off the streets for the winter? Preferably non-religious.


  • Not specifically focused on cold weather, but the Jenny De la Torre Stiftung does good work. Their focus is on providing medical care, though they also have other services for homeless people. Meals, help with legal matters, etc.
  • KälteHilfe.
  • Karuna Sozialgenosenschaft.
  • You can check the Kältebus. If somebody is sleeping in the streets and they want help (its always important to ask them first) we can call them and they will provide them with warm food and beverages, I’m not sure what they can do about housing though.
  • Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe.

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Homeless | Charities that help homeless people
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