Recommend me coworking spaces

Man is working in a coworking space in Berlin with brick wall on the background


Recommend me coworking spaces and startup communities/networks in Berlin.


  • Factory Berlin
  • Skalitzer33 rent-a-desk. Good Flair in the heart of Kreuzberg and a nice community. Maybe write them an email or call. Very friendly.
  • Coconat
  • Depends on what you are looking for, but I would recommend juggleHUB, which combines co-working with child care (great for those with young kids, but outside the Kita system) and is great for connecting with sustainability-minded people.
  • Motionlab if you are looking for a space for prototyping.
  • The Drivery is a great coworking spot, and home to many startups (mostly tech/mobility innovation). I checked out just about all the coworking spaces (that had plans within my budget) and it was by far the best. Motionlab would be better for hard tech though if you want to use their tools etc.

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