Which dating app do Berliners mostly use?

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Which dating app do Berliners mostly use?


  • I like Bumble because guys can’t send a message until the women do. So it saves us from getting lots of creepy messages and unsolicited junk pictures. And I also like Hinge, it is a app for people looking for more than a hookup lots of international and local people.
  • I recommend Gorillas (food delivery service in Berlin). Your date will be at your door in 10 min, people you’ll get will be on average as good as what all the other apps can provide and as a bonus you will know what they really are doing for a living. I think this is already a lot more than you’ll get on any other app.
  • Bergheim, KitKat, Life. I don’t know, these apps doesn’t work for me, I’m ugly as hell and I’m not into techno.
  • Try happn, there you can also see what excatly is smbd looking for. There is also a Facebook group for women who are dating in Berlin with a lot of great things.
  • Would recommend OkCupid. Met on OkCupid my current bf, we are together for 1,5+ years already. Tinder didn’t work for me at all.
  • If you’re looking for hookups or just simply a good time in Berlin, I’d recommend OneDollarXClub. I wanted to take a break from weird people on Tinder and found this amazing app by chance. The guys there are uncomplicated and know how to organize a proper date.
  • In all earnestness, OkCupid is great. I guess some people think it’s where the ‘weird’ people are, which is probably why all of us queers are there. It’s not just for queers though, and I very much prefer it to all the other apps. You can see a lot more personality and there’s way more communication than the other apps.
  • Have friends introduce you to friends in common. This is the safest and least cringe option.
  • Maybe try speed dating for a switch up! There’s a monthly event at Two Fellas Brewery called “Date Night Berlin”.
  • I used Bumble as my first dating app a bit over ever a year ago, and I will be celebrating my anniversary of our first date with my bf (which I met through Bumble) in almost a month.
  • There is no dating, we will die alone.
  • Grindr
  • Depends on what you’re looking for:
    • OkCupid is good if you’re looking for something serious. It has a rather classic approach in dating. You gotta invest time in writing a meaningful profile and and answer as many questions as you can.
    • Bumble is the trendy thing now. The profile has more character content than Tinder, but algorithm is pretty much the same. The crowd there is diverse between hookup and commitment.
    • Tinder in Berlin is mostly about hookups, with rare exceptions here and there. If that’s not what you’re up for, steer away.
  • My experience with OkCupid was cringeworthy and my straight friends usually tell horror stories that sounds like my bad experiences on the gay hookup apps. I’d say use Tinder, Hinge and Bumble for friends and let them introduce you to other people.
  • Meetup.com. Not for dating but to make friends and exchanging hobbies, dinners, walking etc.

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