Do you watch any DIY YouTube channels from Berlin?

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Do you watch any DIY YouTube channels from Berlin or Germany in general?


  • I’mJette (in German) makes nice room makeovers and tutorials.
  • OMMIK (in English) is a small YouTuber with big potential, who just started, but he does nice DIY, upcycling projects and furniture flips. His projects are all about sustainability. Keep an eye on him.
  • Johannes Boernsen (in German) makes videos of woodworking and DIYing.
  • Jelena (in German) is also a pretty big channel, in which Jelena shares amazing home decor and home improvement ideas and a lot of DIY projects.
  • The Real Life Guys (in German with English subtitles) must be the biggest DIY channel from Germany, where twin brothers build incredible stuff and share personal life experiences.
  • Franks Shed (in German) has a workshop and does beautiful woodworking projects.
  • EASY ALEX (in German) is another woodworking DIY master and I absolutely love his aesthetic.

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