What are the dog-friendly lakes around Berlin?

Dog is looking at the lake | Dog-friendly lakes around Berlin


Does anyone know any dog-friendly lakes around Berlin? As it’s getting hotter, we want somewhere to go but not too far, as we don’t want to risk heatstroke. Thanks! (Must be accessible by public transport).


  • I was in and around Bad Sarrow at the weekend and noticed they had 2 dog bathing areas. It’s an hour drive out of Berlin but a very nice spot.
  • The place where everyone goes with their dogs is Grunewaldsee.
  • I second Grunewaldsee. It’s the official dog lake. You should be aware that there’s a nasty thing called Blaualgen that sometimes kills dogs if they drink from the lake—two dogs died over the weekend after exposure at Tegelersee. This site records water quality at some lakes: https://www.badestellen.berlin.de/
  • We take our dog to Hundekehlesee. I’m not sure how accessible it is because we drive but we go once a week and she loves it.

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