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Dog and a dog trainer in Berlin


Does anyone have a recommendation for a puppy/dog trainer that operates actually within the city? It seems like all the listings or recommendations I’ve found recently are all based miles out in Brandenburg, or say ridiculous things like “I don’t work south of Mitte”.


  • I can recommend Nic from Yuki & Jun, she operates within the city and is taking new clients. We had an intitial consultation with her a couple of weeks ago and it was great!
  • Maybe worth asking in BERLIN & HUND Facebook group? There was a few list that people mentioned before.
  • Daniel Nogueira (Facebook) works in the city.
  • We took our dog to a weekly puppy training course in Volkspark Friedrichshain with Karin Henning. It was more than just the weekly training that was so helpful, Karin was open to answering every confounding question we had about what our dog was doing, and how to train her out it. Things you just don’t know if you don’t have years of experience with dogs. Now our dog is the sweetest, most well behaved 10 year old puppy there ever was. Investing in training will give you a dog that you can enjoy rather than a little rascal that just gets annoying.
  • Peachy Chee (Facebook).

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