Are Drag Queens for hire in Berlin?

Drag queen with mustache


Are Drag Queens for hire in Berlin? I’m looking for an officiant to proceed over our wedding. Depending on price we’d like one song performed.


  • Yes, they are. Each Queen costs you two drink tickets (health insurance excluded). If your rich maybe guestlist plus 1 on top. The stage is yours.
  • The Berlin drag scene isn’t like the drag scene from… almost everywhere else that I know. There are DJ drag queens (Gloria Viagra being the biggest name that comes to mind). I did attend one restaurant opening in Schöneberg where one drag sang “Mein Herr”, but I tried to trace her back and I couldn’t gather enough info.
  • Maybe it makes sense to ask drag queens directly? Here are some of them in the Berlin scene:

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Drag queen with mustache
Photo by Ian Smith on Unsplash


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