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Recommend me an English-speaking driving school. I need a school that doesn’t require attending the 14 theoretical lessons and allows me to go straight to the exam.


  • By law the 14 lessons are mandatory, you should assist to all of them.It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand you just need to mark your presence. Don’t underestimate the driving exam it’s full of tricks. Better do some driving hours to evaluate your chances.
  • Fahrschule Sevim
  • I used Asma to pass the theoretical exam. I traded in my license and didn’t have to do the practical part. I didn’t have to attend any lessons and just used their app to practice. Passed the theoretical exam the first time and got a 100%.
  • If you are doing a license from scratch you have to take them – just do it in German and count it as a language lesson. You will still have to study for the exam anyway – the classes don’t cover everything, just high level concepts.

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