How do I exchange a non-EU driving license for a German driving license?

German driving license | Exchange a non-EU driving license to a German driving license


How do you exchange a non-EU driving license for a German driving license in Berlin? In Burgertamt they gave us the phone number of Fahrerlaubnisbehörde. However, this facility does not hold appointments at all. I am very confused. Did anyone succeed in getting a German driver’s license? What did you do?


  • A few years back, you’d apply for this at the Fahrerlaubnisbehörde, but in recent years it was delegated to Bürgerämter. Did you show up with all the documents necessary for your type of license to be swapped? I had to take the tests again, so I had everything… but the name of a driving school. Since classes were not mandatory, I didn’t have any school to name. Well, I had the one where I bought the login to the Fahrschulcard app. So once I simply told them this, then they moved on and sent me the letter from which I’d have one year to pass the theoretic test and another year after passing the latter to pass on the practical test. The Bürgeramt can’t simply turn you away.
  • I started the process to exchange a non-EU driving license recently, I booked the appointment from this link in the official Berlin website, I went to Bürgeramt in Kreuzberg, the process was basically nothing just gave them my Indian driving license and other docs and they gave back a letter which I am supposed to give to the driving school as I have to take both written and driving test. After a couple of weeks, I received another couple of letters to pay for written test whenever I plan to take it.
  • If you have (Ukrainian) driving licence, you don’t need to exchange, but to pass theoretical and practical exams. However, you do not need to visit driving school lessons.

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