What are your favourite places in Neukölln?

Street art in Berlin | Favourite places in Neukölln


What are your favourite places in Neukölln? I know a lot of people love Neukölln and, after living in Berlin for 3 years, I’ve only really gone to pick something up from Hermannplatz a few times. I want to walk around and see what the hype is about.


  • Richardplatz, and especially Böhmischer Platz. Make sure you get all the little streets around Richardplatz even if that means walking in circles.
  • Along Maybachufer is really nice and also Schillerkiez just in front of Tempelhofer Feld is a nice location.
  • Pick up a Zimtschnecke at Kønigliche Backstube and get a coffee at the future breakfast.
  • It’s the diversity of the Bohemian village just around Richardstrasse and the finest middle eastern food on Sonnenallee. Hidden places like Cafe Botanico or the boule players on the canal with a perfect Parisian bakery La Maison next to it. So much to discover, enjoy!
  • For me, it’s the diversity of people there, and the liveliness and crowd around the major streets.
  • Körnerpark, Klunkerkranich on the top of the Arcaden.
  • Azzam, the King of Hummus and Falafel.
  • In the way that different cultures make a clear contrast, clash at times, but still somewhat harmoniously coexisting. Obviously, a lot has changed even in the last 6 and half years. I think it became a bit too busy and I get stressed by the sheer amount of people on the streets, but, still, it is nice.
  • These are my favourite places in Neukölln: Wolf Kino, Rollberg Kino, Greens Café, Börlin, Café Tschüsch, Le Brot, Karstadt Hermannplatz, Herbie Unverpackt, Dr To’s, Crazy Bastards, Café Katulki, Paran, Brammibal’s, Stammtisch, Erica Naturkosmetik, Mehlwurm, Loveburger, Myxa… Also loving that Boesner and Sirplus are nearby! The Landwehr channel is lovely when it’s not too crowded in the early mornings and late at night. The weekly Turkish market is wonderful. It has lots of greens and there has been quite an improvement in my quarter, having a bike priority street has been really great. The smaller streets in between where you can relax a bit, with many playgrounds and parks (Körnerpark is lovely!) and cemeteries to walk around.

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Street art in Berlin | Favourite places in Neukölln
Image by Ingeborg Kråka from Pixabay


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