What makes Berliners feel alive?

A woman is riding a bicycle | What makes Berliners feel alive?


What makes Berliners feel alive?


  • I feel it when I feel a taste of good food and the sun on the terrace.
  • When I see my cat.
  • Going to Berghain.
  • Swimming in Spree.
  • Fall asleep and wake up.
  • The voices in my head.
  • Sitting in the Philharmonie and feeling the first notes of Tchaikovsky/Brahms/Beethoven/Bruckner/Mahler vibrate through skin & bones.
  • Walking through Kottbusser Tor.
  • One word: s-e-x.
  • Decent food, great sex, cycling in nature, on the beach hearing the crushing sound of waves and a cocktail in my hand.
  • My 3-year-old son.
  • When I get my period.
  • 300km/h on the Autobahn.
  • Dogs dogs and dogs. When they are near me I feel so happy, I can’t explain it in words.
  • The government is fucking me… And I still feel it.
  • The Berlin wind makes me feel alive.
  • Poodles in spring.
  • Neck pain and cracking joints.
  • Allergies.
  • Yoga, swimming, meditation.
  • 4 seasons in one day isn’t that enough?
  • Sunsets, the smell of flowers & seduction.
  • The boner under my sheet in the morning.
  • Hitting my pinky toe on random furniture in an overprized flat.
  • Riding my bike.
  • Feel alive? When I’m in my forest.
  • For me, it‘s everything around plants right now. I take care of them as much as I can. They are my children now.
  • Dancing in nature heart open moon or sun shining on me! Feeling heavy bass vibrate my insides. Laughing so hard I fall over. The excitement of a spontaneous adventure with a brand new friend.
  • Sports. 10km jogging. Laughing at work (on zoom meetings…) with the team. Good weather. Walking around in a polo cotton shirt without 3 layers because of cold. Listening to music. Daylight at 9 pm. The month of June. Sunlight before sunset hitting green lush trees. When the skirts come out in spring.
  • Walking, hiking, laughing and feeling grateful.
  • Getting assignments done on time and satisfactorily.
  • A morning stroll in the old cemetery.
  • When there’s a letter from ARD in my mailbox. Then I know I’m not living in a simulation.
  • Taking off my mask.
  • Sex in public spaces.
  • Talking to girls.
  • “I think, therefore I am” (ok, not very original here, but not sure if the young generations have had a subject on philosophy in the school).
  • When Germans smile at me on the street.
  • Letters from Finanzamt.
  • Workouts.
  • Every morning, when I shit, I realize, it’s real. Because no one can shit in dreams.
  • Meeting new people every week.

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A woman is riding a bicycle | What makes Berliners feel alive?
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