What do you do if you feel exhausted after work?

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Hello does anyone feel exhausted after work and doesn’t wanna do anything after? I just I wanna devour my food and then head straight to bed. Any tips or advice on how to overcome this?


  • I’ve got the same, I call it depression and burnout.
  • Taking a week of break and doing something that fills your heart is always an option. You need to recharge your soul from time to time.
  • Wait does anyone feel differently?
  • Things are loosening, so maybe acquiring a new outside hobby will benefit you.
  • Go barefoot on grass once a day for 5 mins…checkout the health documentary about grounding on YouTube called “Earthing”.
  • Maybe start doing cardio, enlarge your bodily battery so it doesn’t run out so swiftly.
  • I also felt that way until recently and like you did more sport before the pandemic. Started in the last weeks to run as much as possible, do more home exercises and eat healthier and it’s had an immediate impact.
  • I strongly recommend you to take vitamin D during the winter, which is very important here. Probably you have a lack of it and this brings to low energy and depression. Make a blood test to check the level of vitamin you have and start taking it (under medical advice of course).
  • Not enough sleep is my thought. Sleep more and you’ll have more energy to do things. Also depends on how many hours you work and the type of work.
  • Spend more time with yourself, and do some walking after work, take a drink, take some fresh air, and every day do something that makes you happy.
  • For me, meditate when you take a break during the workday. It helps you retain your energy and build up your mental dam to prevent further losing it. Quite useful. I use an app called Calm to help guide me through.
  • I used to feel the same! A few tips:
    • Make plans you actually will look forward to (and say no to plans you don’t really want to attend).
    • Do a little bit of exercise to get your body moving and your head focused on something.
    • Eat some more energy-boosting foods (bananas, sweet potatoes, eggs, lean proteins, fruits & veggies).
    • Don’t over plan. Stick to making only a few plans per week so you know you’ll have that me-time to relax and be alone.
    • Start by hanging out in places that are closer to you so you don’t dread the commute.
  • Can be different reasons (might be psychological or physical), better to consult a doctor. In my case it was an allergy to dust mites that affected my sleep quality – when I woke up I was already tired.
  • Go to see a doctor instead of asking some cook about a health-related issue. None of them has the answer you need.
  • Get a health checkup first to exclude any physical illness, thyroid hormones would be one of the first suspects. If your bloodwork is perfect, go the psychiatrist route, antidepressants and a couple of weeks off will help to figure out if this is the right direction. Advice about changing your habits are great but only if you have energy for that, otherwise you might exhaust yourself even more. Also, try to lessen your workload as much as you can, health is more important. Take care.
  • Force yourself to do something physical in the evenings, even if you don’t feel like it. Go for a walk, run, do yoga, go to the gym, go swimming – whatever kind of movement you gravitate towards. Personally, I am biased towards yoga, but for some people running or going to the gym serves the same purpose. Even just 20-30 minutes can make a huge difference. Tell yourself you won’t skip, even days when you don’t feel like it – do it even for 15 minutes. I don’t know how happy you are with your current job, but I tend to feel this way MUCH more when I am working in a job where I am unhappy/bored/unsatisfied.
  • To be honest I’ve felt like that after every job I’ve ever had. When you have done a full day’s work I think it’s normal for your brain/body to want to have some time out. Also, this hot weather is wiping everyone out (including myself). So many people, including myself too, have been feeling dizzy lately regularly too. Pretty sure it’s the heat because we can’t all be ill. Usually, after work, I have at least 1 hour of blob time where I just sit like a blob and do nothing but drink a cup of tea and rest. Usually, after 1 hour some of my energy will be restored bit if I’ve not had enough sleep the tiredness can take longer to get better. Hope you feel better soon.
  • I had the same problem for months when I was new to Berlin, my Hausarzt recommended I take vitamin / Magnesium / Zinc supplements and after a month I was back to normal.
  • Maybe your diet? You might be malnourished. Be sure to eat healthily, take vitamins, and do mild exercise, even walking when you’re tired can really wake you up.
  • Get a hobby. That takes you outside and work less, go to the gym or go swimming in the lake.
  • It could be physical or mental exhaustion, and dissipated energies. Few things that helped me:
    • Eat light and higher energy foods. For example, if your diet comprises heavy meats or greasy stuff, reduce it as much as possible. Fish and eggs are lighter than chicken and beef and have more veggie food. Fresh food, over-processed food.
    • Strategically eat a big snack or mini-meal 1 hour before you end work.
    • Have a warm relaxing drink like tea when you come home, a short ‘yogi nidra /sleep/ guided sleep’ session will clear your mind and boost your energy for another session before you call it a day.
    • Do less. Be less. Own less. Watch or browse less. Minimalism. And do whatever you want, with higher quality and better focus.
    • If you frequently check your smartphone or are engaged with some non-essential apps, block them. Have a dedicated time slot for it. Block all notifications in general, unless essential app.
    • Frequently clear your mind, and take time on weekends to “do nothing”. Not do “nothing”, but “do nothing” – just exist, awake, enjoying, not lazying, not sleeping, just dilly-dallying, clear and empty mind. Breathe in the present.
    • Having a clear passion or a goal is a great mobilizer and channels your energy to do something. Love, deep faith, purpose etc. All do this for you. It’s OK if you don’t. Just be aware that you don’t have it. In which case, consciously do more relaxing and just chilling, doing nothing, rather than activities which you just do to fill time but don’t mean much. Trying to keep yourself busy and occupied, when actually you don’t have to or need to also exhaust you.
    • Also, do lighter exercise or those which energize you, rather than which exhausts you in gyms etc. Over jarring /metal/ electro music, try classical music.
  • You might need vitamin B12. Try VitaSprint B12. It’s available in all drugstores.
  • I was feeling like that. Sleeping more helped me and then I changed my job to something less exhausting for me

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A person laying down in bed | Feel exhausted after work
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