How can I apply for a fishing license?

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How can I apply for fishing license in Berlin and how much does it cost?


  • You need Angelschein and Fischereischein.
    • Angelschein is a fishing license, you get it by attending a fishing school and passing a test. It costs around 150-400€
    • Fischereischein is a license you can buy to fish in a region and must be there too when you want to fish. It costs around 20-30€. Better don’t try to fish without these two licences. If caught, it can easily end very unpleasant. Fishers don’t have any sense of humour so the law is really severe. You can apply for a Fishereischein here.
  • It’s not worth taking a fishing licence for Berlin. It’s just too complicated. You have to take an exam which is again too complicated and unnecessary (there is a part on how to treat different injuries on different fish species), then you have to become a member of some Berlin fishing club, pay a membership fee and with exam passed you have to pay licence and still be limited to few fishing spots. Instead, you can buy an online fishing licence for Brandenburg which cost, if I remember correctly, something like 35€ per year and when you decide to fish you pay either a monthly fee or a day pass or a 3-day pass (latter is around 12€). There is plenty of fishing places in Brandenburg that can be reached with S-Bahn and full of fish.
  • You can get your Angelschein online with these guys.
  • If I were you I’d book a round trip flight to either Greece or Spain, keep fishing until you get exhausted and that would still be cheaper and easier than getting a fishing license here.

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