What is the best fresh fish delivery?

Fresh fish market | Fresh fish delivery in Berlin


What is the best fresh fish delivery in Berlin?


  • Meerisco. They deliver fresh fish to your house every Friday.
  • FrischeParadies
  • stadtfarm.de produces African Catfish in Berlin in a unique closed-cycle system and delivers to you.
  • Deutschesee Fischmanufaktur
  • Someone already recommended stadtfarm but I just have to say that their catfish is unbelievably good! It is so juicy and the taste is really awesome (tastes like a much more expensive fish). I have no connection to them but I just love the fact that they raise the fish in Berlin and that it is all biologically safe and sustainable.
  • Fish.nr.1 (next to Centro Italia) in Greifswalder Str. 80C, 10405

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