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I wish to go hiking for my birthday but I have nothing for it. Do you know where I can rent stuff for hiking and where I can find a guide for hikes so that my first one will not be too hard?


  • As long as you have shoes you can spend a long time walking in (any kind of comfortable sport shoes), a backpack to carry water and a snack, and clothes appropriate for the weather, you can go hiking. There are only guide books available in German for hiking in the Berlin/Brandenburg area. For short hikes in Berlin, I like the series “Auf Försters Wegen” by ViaReise Verlag (I have the one for west and south Berlin, although there are two others). “Rund um Berlin” from Rother is good for shorter hikes up to 1.5 hours away from Berlin. If you’ve never been hiking before, I wouldn’t suggest more than 15 km. I write a lot about hiking in the Berlin/Brandenburg region on my blog. These are my favorite hikes in/near Berlin.
    • I disagree. I’m an ex-trail runner. To walk (or run) up and down mountains, you need a pair of shoes that locks your feet so that your feet don’t slip inside the shoes. I suggest getting a pair of trail running shoes at Decathlon. Hiking boots are too heavy.
    • Yes, but there aren’t any mountains in Brandenburg.
    • The post author didn’t mention where they want to go. In Germany, southern Germany or Swiss Saxony comes to my mind.
    • That’s true! And in the Alps/Saxon Switzerland, you definitely need more quality shoes.
  • If its a few hour hike you can do it in sneakers. I did like 8 hour hikes in regular converse. Summer hiking shoes are of course better but don’t be one of those who buys the whole equipment before the first hike only to learn its not for them.
  • Check out the website/app Komoot, there are lots of hikes and described difficulties. You probably don’t need any expensive gear, just good comfy shoes, snacks and water.
  • Unless you get a 600 € bombproof i.e. Arc’teryx, a fancy raincoat will leak, so it’s best to just get the 5 € i.e. Rossmann raincoat. However when it comes to rain pants, it’s more worth it to spend because they have full zips so you can put them on without removing your boots. With those two pieces + cheap gaitors (i.e. from amazon) you can actually stay dry when hiking far from shelter. Unless you are speed mountaineering or skiing and really sweating, you just don’t need a “waterproof / breathable” top shell.
  • Shoes: as said here around Berlin anything. If you’ll go to i.e. Saxon Schweiz, if you can find yourself a nice pair of approach shoes that fit well would be ideal. I agree with above great value at Decathlon.
  • Test: you might take your new stuff to Viktoria park in Bergmannkiez and walk up and down the “Berg” there a few times, to see what’s comfy.
  • May I suggest also bring duct tape. If you’re hiking in new shoes and start to get a hot spot, if you put the duct tape on the skin as soon as you feel it heating but before a blister starts to form, you can prevent the blister entirely.
  • Leave a plan with someone in case you get lost, maybe consider a GPS. They’ve saved my butt before. Enjoy your new sport and have wonderful times in nature.

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