Recommend me home contents insurance (Hausratversicherung)

Destroyed house | Home contents insurance in Berlin


I will soon move to a place where I will also have my little music-studio and it will be on the ground floor, so I am planning to get a Hausratversicherung which includes also theft. Please, recommend me home contents insurance.

What is the best way to prepare oneself to the worst (which I hope will never happen of course)? I mean, what are the insurances usually asking as proof of purchase or possession? Would it be enough to take pictures of the goods in the actual room? And maybe take pictures of the serial numbers? I do not have boxes for all my machines anymore, but just for some.


  • Companies I recommend for home contents insurance are Get Safe and Coya.
  • Photographs of the machine and showing name, serial number and condition. You may be able to put internal shutters in though, make them a feature as well. Ask the landlord if he has a recommendation for a burglar/security system, say you will pay of course, but shows you are willing to spend on keeping his building secure.
  • From my experience, it’s important to have an insurance agent who will help you if the bad thing happen. I wouldn’t really trust all those online insurances. Find a good insurance agent.

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Destroyed house | Home contents insurance in Berlin
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