If you left Berlin today, what is the first thing you’d miss?

Yellow U-bahn train in Berlin | if you left Berlin today


If you left Berlin today, what is the first thing you’d miss?


  • Merkel, fax machine and the culinary creation of currywurst.
  • The delightful demeanour and lightness of the average German, not to mention the subtle sensuality of their food, literature and music.
  • The whole system with the punctuality of the transport, etc. would be a big problem everywhere else so that in particular will be noticed pretty much immediately.
  • Punks, anarchists and homeless!
  • The stare. They also stare in France but it’s different. But I would miss the warmth and the kindness of the Berliners! And these obedient dogs!
  • How easy it is to meet humans, network, make friends, collaborate on creative projects. Been travelling this past year (and my whole life), and Berlin is special in that way. Haven’t been missing the year-round most horrible weather I’ve ever experienced in my life and the endless paperwork though. Technically the paperwork has even followed me across the globe and I supposedly still should be paying for insurance and tax accountants even when not there.
  • Carrying cash all the time.
  • Tall, handsome blond Germans.
  • Let me think… microaggression? Bureaucracy? Perhaps the chanting skinhead drunks? So tough to choose.
  • Cheap rent.
  • Food prices in the supermarkets and restaurants.
  • Love for nudity.
  • Good Döner places.
  • Everything under 3 meters in height is covered in a thick layer of LGBT/punk/techno/political stickers and spray paint.
  • The first thing I’d miss is how safe I feel in the city (Berlin) compared to where I came from (San Francisco).
  • I miss riding my bike around town.
  • That warning sound/noise when S-Bahn’s doors are about to close.
  • Spätis
  • I miss seeing well-behaved dogs being welcomed everywhere, the bakeries (all that dark bread), the beer, the Turkish restaurants, Alnatura supermarkets, flea markets.
  • Tinder, filled with fun sarcastic people.
  • Health care system, grocery prices, diversity, spätis, clubs, my cheap apartment, breakfast in the afternoon, bread, bio shops, tolerance, lakes, biking everywhere, flower shops.
  • Grunewald
  • I would have to re-learn how to dress up to go out in public again. Or wearing any fabric that doesn’t come in black.
  • My naked window neighbour and also being the naked window neighbour.
  • The lakes and parks.
  • Cheap cars.
  • My wife and son.
  • Economic stability.
  • DM
  • Freedom, diversity, cycling in a safe environment, public transport, nature.
  • Beer in public areas.
  • Walking while drinking a beer.
  • Leberkäse sandwich down on Tucholskystrasse.
  • The diversity within the Ringbahn: within the same city and 15′ radius you get hipsters, trendy families, junkies, clubbers, Turks, Arabs, Europeans, expats mixing up and living in harmony – for the most part!
  • Berlin Summer.
  • Being able to wear whatever I want where I want and be how I want without being snarked at. And also clubs in general.
  • The order.
  • Food, architecture, transit.
  • Radler
  • Starving Sundays when I forget to do shopping Saturday.
  • Good quality of trams, trains, bus on time in the city area.
  • Berghain and Kitkat.
  • I left Germany and what I miss is Christmas time, especially when it’s cold and snowing; mixed saunas; Mettbrötchen; reasonably priced western foods (steaks, cheese, wine).
  • The handsome men, the parks and the bike riding, just to name few things.
  • Letters and notes.
  • Bread

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