Will I get in trouble for illegal downloading or streaming in Germany?

Netflix streaming on a mac | Illegal downloading or streaming in Germany


Will I get in trouble for illegal downloading or streaming in Germany? For example, downloading a book, a song or a movie?


  • It’s so much easier and cheaper to buy the movie or rent it than be scared of huge fines. A friend of mine in Hamburg got 3200€ for a couple of songs.
  • These laws are strong and subservient. I wish someone would exterminate these parasites.
  • I got fined 4 years ago for downloading with a torrent. I think it was around 600€ but a friend managed to make me pay “only” 250€. Silly me, young and naive.
  • Streaming is fine but downloading. They will definitely find and fine you.
  • It’s illegal, and don’t do it.
  • I have heard about services, which fetch the data for you, e.g. put.io. I do not advise piracy, but sometimes it’s extremely hard/impossible to get something legally in Germany, so yeah.
    • I’m sure those services are trustworthy and would never compromise your privacy for a little more money. Because of course they are based upon principles and ethics and not getting a quick buck.
  • Great to hear terrible advice from people who know nothing about the topic. VPNs still leak your IP depending upon your torrent configuration, eg DHT or PEX. Unless you know what you’re doing, you’re liable to get caught with your pants down. I mean sure, maybe other people got lucky. Do you understand the security leaks well enough to make take an educated risk?
  • Don’t use torrent even with VPN, because when the court requires information about your internet traffic, the VPN provider or even the Internet provider will have to give it up.
  • Don’t download via torrent. Got caught twice out of 4 times in 10 years.
  • What about e-books? Is it the same as in movies?
    • Look, it’s illegal to download copyright content whatever it is. E-books, movies, music, games. I guess that the trillion-dollar industry looking for more money and hiring sicarios for big money films only. Don’t believe that some poor, next door book company has money and will do so.
  • I knew a guy who illegally downloaded a K-pop song and that same night he had 15 German SWAT dudes barge in his WG, woke him up, dangled him outside his balcony Batman style and made him swear he would never download stuff illegally again. So yeah don’t do it.
  • My boyfriend got fined last year almost 900€ for downloading for 13 seconds from a horror movie, he managed to renegotiate to somewhere around not more than 600€.
  • .Institutions called law and courts. But they are not hunting you but teams of scripts planted on major pirate sites and catching German IP address which they send to the court. Even with VPN, if it goes offline for a second and your friend has a movie in a torrent you may say bye-bye to 900€.
    • That’s exactly what happened to my boyfriend last year.
  • What is it? 1999?
    • What do you mean?
    • I mean, nowadays one can access music, videos and software legally without ruining you financially. Why risking huge fines? Why not supporting creators? 1999 is just a point in time where everybody was downloading things illegally including me. I was broke as hell and young and stupid but even then if Netflix or Spotify or nice software alternatives would be available I wouldn’t have a problem paying for that monthly, and I wasn’t rich by any means.
  • Not worth the trouble.
  • Save yourself a lot of problems and just rent it from iTunes or one of the many other legal ways to get it.

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Netflix streaming on a mac | Illegal downloading or streaming in Germany
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