What types of jobs I can find in English?

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I am new in Berlin and don’t speak German yet. What types of jobs I can find in English in Berlin?


  • Singer in a rock band.
  • Fintech, customer service, sales, marketing. Especially for startups. I work in sales using English and Italian.
  • Nothing.
  • Customer service for brands such as N26 or Zalando. English or other languages.
  • When jobhunting, I realised, only IT jobs I can find in English in Berlin.
  • In combination with your mother tongue mostly (customer service, etc), you could find some positions, yeah, but otherwise not so many options indeed, nope. German is required in my opinion almost everywhere. However, many employers even in IT require you to speak German so it is 50/50 really. So my advice would be (and I know it is really a hard task, believe me) to learn German as much as you can.
  • Wolt.
  • Design jobs.
  • What about DJ? You’d speak with your music… or even a Youtuber.
  • Even with software development, there’s some bias, regardless of the company or industry. I turned down a position because although it was in software development, I don’t like to pick “tickets” and do what I am told without proper planning with the team and project manager input and they told upfront that the PM had bad English and I would have to ask help from my future coworkers. Also at my current job on my very first day, someone said the classic “In Germany, you have to speak German” and proceed to talk in German during a meeting I was part of. Fortunately, it improved a lot and we are “mates” now but that was a bad way of setting the mood. I have friends that work with UX/UI on some of the companies that were mentioned in this topic and not trying to expose anyone, but they’re all actively looking for other jobs… My point is: unfortunately we have to accept setbacks in our career and skills until we learn German at a sufficient level — so we can complain that a meeting should have been an e-mail in German… Or at the end of the day after all the struggle everyone around us speaks English at a reasonable level.
  • Startup jobs. I believe there is a Facebook group called like that: Startup jobs in Berlin.

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We are hiring sign | Jobs I can find in English in Berlin
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