Where can I have a laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery


I’m interested in laser eye surgery. Any experience or recommendation?


  • No recommendations, but I got my laser eye surgery done a few years ago and it’s the best money I ever spent! It’s seriously improved my quality of life. The results were almost instant (I could see immediately, just slightly milky), and I can still see perfectly without glasses or contacts. The surgery itself isn’t weird or uncomfortable and takes about 5 mins. I didn’t even realise they had started till it was finished.
  • Same here! Best Investment ever and I am only sad that haven’t done it years before! I had -6 and astigmatism and it worked perfectly for me! I did Femto-LASIK.
  • Most amazing was that when I lay on the operating table, I remember looking up at the very plain ceiling. They wheeled a machine over me and I stared at a picture. When they wheeled the machine away, I could see it was actually patterned ceiling tiles above me.
  • I am thinking to do it in Prague later this year. Heard its a lot cheaper there.
  • In Istanbul, it costs 1200 Euro at the best-specialized hospital there called World Eye. Germans make trips to Istanbul only for that surgery.
  • Dr Kontopoulos in Augenpraxis Sonnenallee.
  • Augenärzte in Platz der Luftbrücke.
  • Charité has a good unit and reasonable prices. My better half did that couple of years ago. It costs 1100-1500 per eye all-inclusive based on the eye condition. The best decision ever.
  • I did mine in Charité as well, I was very nervous, even mine was a bit difficult because they needed to remove white water under the cornea, but all together took 5 minutes and I didn’t feel anything, it was 4 years ago and AOK paid for the surgery.

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Laser eye surgery
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