What is the most interesting person you know in Berlin doing?

Old man walking |c Most interesting person in Berlin


What is the most interesting person you know in Berlin doing? Without naming him or her, please describe why do you find him/her so interesting. Interesting by your own definition of interesting and not what you think we would find interesting.


  • He is a man 80+ who I met for an interview. He was a boy who had to dig ditches around Berlin when the Russians came at the end of the war. He wanted to be an actor for theatre but had to work to survive. Now as an old man he is on the stage reciting poetry and working on a book about Nazi resistance.
  • The most interesting person I know in Berlin is my grandmother’s cousin, he is an Altersheim now, but at one point he was amazing. Born 1925. Survived forced labour (was half Jewish) in WWII. Built his own house and a boat. And was a “hobby dentist”… did his own root canals on himself.
  • My Hauptmieter. He is 80+, has seen the world war, had two wives at two different times, lost them to death, managed to raise 3 kids. He is the only one alive from his family, with artificial hips. Yet he is active, tolerant, motivating, has 2 girlfriends, swims every day, and he is just awesome!
  • An 82-year-old man. He owns his own shop in a prestigious location. Was an expert in a particular good, made hay and became independent at age 21. Raised 6 kids. Looking well after himself. Humble and immaculate up to this day. Still running his own shop.
  • A Man that owns multiple clubs and restaurant, he built a hospital in Africa with all of that party money.
  • A 74-year-old man, a cab driver. He shared his life story with me on a cab trip. Originally from Hungary and has lived in Germany for the last 30 years. Came from a very humble background where in his childhood his mother would often have nothing but stale bread to give him for the whole day and sometimes potatoes. Many days she cut off the green fungus infected part of the bread and ate the rest. I could see tears in his eyes as he spoke of this. Later in his life, he happened to marry a millionaire of a woman and so from having nothing he had everything. In his prime, he owned a taxi company but later his wife suffered from severe mental health issues and he had to leave her at an institution so he could take care of his kids. She had become violent he said. He became a single dad and soon after his wife passed away. He still missed her. I asked why he drove a cab now so he said it was his wife’s money, not his and driving was his passion always which he was fulfilling at 76. His zest for life, his amazing sense of humour and his positive attitude despite so many setbacks in life inspired me…he ended the trip with such a magical line. Our life is nothing but a road trip…we all have to get off at some point. Some early some later…

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