Recommend me a moving company from/to Berlin within the EU

Shipping containers | Moving company to/from Berlin


Could you please recommend me a reliable shipping or moving company from/to Berlin within the European Union?


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  • I used Eurosender to send my stuff from the UK to Slovenia with a van.
  • I did my shipping from Portugal to Berlin with Eurosender a few months ago, all good. I know a couple of friends who did the same.
  • The cheapest would be to hire a driver with a van from Luggage Pool.
  • Try Transport4Nederlands if you are moving stuff between Germany and the Netherlands.
  • uShip for shipping large items (furniture etc).
  • SendMyBag saved my life the past few years as I moved between different EU countries and they are super affordable.
  • Send my bag worked for me as well (Dublin to Berlin).
  • I used the Voerman Intl.


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