What are your biggest obstacles to learning German?

Love-hate sign in German language | Obstacles to learning German


What are your biggest obstacles to learning German as a second language?


  • Believe it or not, the articles.
  • My IQ.
  • That life is too short.
  • German itself. It is enough to frustrate anyone.
  • You are in Deutschland, you should speak Deutsch (this is my biggest obstacle).
  • Grammar.
  • Der, die, das are my nightmares.
  • Living in Berlin.
  • I work full time in English and lack mental space.
  • If I may offer some advice (as someone who doesn’t exactly struggle with German): make sure you understand the grammar concepts as they apply in your language before trying to learn them in a foreign one. There are more parallels to e.g. English than you might think, even concerning the articles and so on. If you are consistent and “shop around” for different explanations of difficult concepts, you will learn!
  • Tbh, the biggest obstacle is your willingness. If you have a curiosity and imagine yourself conversing in fluent German and that excites you it’s not that hard as they say!
  • That I work 8 hours a day 5 days a week in English. Therefore it will take me about 10 YEARS to learn it without speaking it all day every day.
  • It makes no sense, it’s like Yoda on steroids trying to speak reverse Russian.
  • I am lazy. But sometimes I find myself having a lot of fun being able to decipher what’s going on. Also, my pronunciation sucks, which can be discouraging.
  • Laziness. Once I actually applied myself instead of making excuses, I started making huge improvements.
  • Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-Hyperaktivitätsstörung.
  • Germans switching to English, even when I insist we keep speaking German.
  • Comparing it to English was one of my biggest setbacks.
  • Having to work in English environments gets in the way of making myself think in German. Also, the constant cycle of learning, forgetting, re-learning, forgetting again…
  • Ü and ö.
  • I learned German many years ago, though as with any foreign language it is a never-ending journey. If you want to speak well and really understand, you have to drop your preconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes. Open yourself to the language and Germany. You know, you need to walk a few miles in their shoes. And most of all you need to put in the time. Like going to the gym or learning an instrument. It takes time and heaps of wanting to succeed. Viel Spaß und viel Glück!
  • Schlesisches Strasse. Once I will be able to say it.
  • Lack of sufficient interest. Professionally and socially part of the English speaking community here so no real need.
  • The biggest obstacles to learning German was and remains all the Germans wanting to improve their appalling English skills at our expense, in 30 years no German I have ever met has helped me with my German language skills, but they have all tormented me with their broken English, grunted with a thick, heavy Neanderthal accent. One of the main reasons for this is, that speaking English is a sign of a good education, and therefore many Germans do it, not for our benefit, but to impress their friends – it says more about the German mentality than I ever wanted to know.
  • Word order. It’s grammatically rather straightforward, but hard to get used to it in speaking. I also find prepositions tricky. The nuance of modal verbs as well.
  • Akkusativ, Dativ, Genativ, Nominativ and whatever-god-for-saken-tivs.
  • Hey folks, speaking as someone who is currently learning my 6th language, I highly recommend everyone watch this video and learn about the importance of Comprehensible Input.
  • Obstacles to learning German? A complete cultural disconnect.

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