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A woman is taking an online class | Online German course


My company have agreed to fund an online German course for me and have asked me to suggest some. I’d like to suggest both an intensive one and a weekly hourly one. Can anyone recommend an online German course?


  • I recommend Good Tutors Finder. They have excellent and highly effective tutors.
  • I have almost completed my 8-week course with Zinguist. A lot of the traditional classes I found uninspiring. Zinguist is really flexible and personal, and they use memory techniques and basically teach you how to learn a language, which as someone that has never learnt a foreign language before, was extremely helpful. I’m way more engaged now and speaking to my neighbours and things like that. They’re a small and growing company but I think it’s a method that works well.
  • I am very happy with Hartnackschule.
  • I recommend you Berlino Schule, low prices (192 € for one level of 48 hours), great quality (4.9/5 on Google, 5/5 on Fb) and many different possible schedules.
  • I’m studying with Deutsch Akademie, their intensive online classes are for 3 hours with a maximum of 12 students, I was satisfied with them, at the moment I should study in person at the language school, but due to restrictions it still happens online.
  • I had a very good experience at Berlino Schule, they have a good method to teach online (I personally have troubles staying focused when doing online classes) and the teachers are cool!
  • Have you heard about LALIA Berlin? It’s a school offering proficiency-oriented German language classes.

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A woman is taking an online class | Online German course
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