Ordering from the UK, is it normal to pay an extra tax in Germany?

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A post-Brexit question. Is that normal to pay extra for stuff ordering from the UK? I have recently ordered a book from a small UK print shop and when it arrived, I had to pay tax which was the same price as what I paid for the book.


  • Yeah, that’s kind of the reality of this whole situation. So many small/medium UK businesses will lose pretty much all their EU customers due to this. Depending on who they post with, you also get hit with handling fees on the top.
  • I am so sick of this shit.
  • The same goes for sending to the UK. In December I’ve sent a small tracked package with 11€, and this week the same one cost me 30€.
  • Yup, the UK is handled like the US or any other non-EU country. That’s why we don’t get stuff online – we bring it over with us when coming to Berlin or have friends travelling bring things over.
  • Yup. I stopped ordering from the UK completely. I only order from outside the EU when the duties and taxes are worked into the shipping cost so that it comes directly to me without any added surprises.
  • Yes, you will have had to pay VAT again and then numerous ‘administration’ fees from the courier to do all this on your behalf.
  • You were lucky to receive it at all. A present in the ‘Old Country’ has been returned without warning, despite much filling in of forms and high fees paid.
  • Yes. Duty price has increased tremendously. My usual book dealer in Berlin who I ordered with shared the same troubles on the ‘market’ so I think it’ll be normal to experience the heavy-duty on the individual level.

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Anti-Brexit sticker | Ordering from the UK
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