Is it normal in Germany to send out photos of newborn babies?

Baby feet | Photos of newborn babies


Is it considered to be normal in German work culture to send photos of newborn babies on the first day of their birth? Photos from the wedding as well. Isn’t it private? Like all 100+ colleagues in copy. For me, it’s super strange.


  • Oh my fucking god, let people enjoy things they’re happy about or proud of. Some people keep it private and some of them like to show off. Just block them if you don’t want to see what they send. Not just German culture, it’s everywhere.
  • I think it’s cute, you spend million hours with people at work if they aren’t your family you are in the wrong place.
  • Wow, why do many people find that so weird? And the birthday cake thing, too… I think it’s nice to include some fun and private stuff in work life. It makes you feel closer to your colleagues.
  • It is quite common in our company. We are genuinely glad for colleges when they have life-changing (in a positive way) events. It is not like something unnatural and you can always not open the email.
  • My comment will attract a lot of hate, but newborns are so ugly… Why would you do this?
  • What’s the problem? Why does it offend you? It’s not strange. And if you have a problem with it just ignore the emails. You have a delete button you know.
  • I don’t wanna see people’s babies they are gross.
  • I guess they were proud so wanted to show everyone. Nothing wrong with that.
  • I’m German. And yes, it is considered to be normal.
  • Seems to happen at my workplace, though only German colleagues do it. Considering how hung up on privacy people say they are, I find it weird; and from a personal perspective, it verges on unpleasant!
  • Considering they have Mutter-/Elternzeit (maternity/paternity leave), where they disappear for months, I think sending the picture of the babies can also serve as an announcement. For me personally, it’s good because sometimes I lost track that some of my colleagues are in Mutter-/Elternzeit and it’s good knowing that they are doing well and the baby is also healthy!
  • Well if you don’t like it, just delete the email right away. Most of them I guess are recognizable from the title. Some people like sharing personal stuff with colleagues, like talks about partners, their family issues etc. There is no law or even any company rules banning them to do so. If you are not interested, it is your right to keep a distance, no official regulation for that.
  • I’m not German and it’s normal. But that depends so much on the company and the relationships you have with your colleagues. Whoever doesn’t like it can ignore it or just go cry somewhere.
  • It’s normal anywhere in the world where countries are not conservative.
  • Normal in Germany. Some people send it to everyone and some people send it only to their department or close circle.
  • Having worked in the UK it was the same over there. However, often those pictures were only shared within the team/department.
  • In my first company in Germany, a colleague sent the whole team a picture of breastfeeding her child right after giving birth. That was quite visual and was definitely a culture shock for me.
  • Yes, it’s actually quite common, I was in a company with 200+ employees, and it was actually the HR department in an official email who did it!
  • I think it depends on the atmosphere of the workplace. In my previous company (not in Germany) nobody spoke about their personal life so it would be super weird. But in my current one, people share a lot about their hobbies and their families so it is perfectly fine.

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Baby feet | Photos of newborn babies
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