What are the pros and cons of living in Berlin?

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I am considering moving to Berlin, what are the pros and cons of living in Berlin for you?


  • Flat demand is freaking insane… I think that is the worst in the end, the rest is fine.
  • If you don’t speak German life here is a nightmare.
  • Don’t come here if you’re single (almost no chance to find a partner), with children (no chance to find a kindergarten), you have no the place to live (no chance to find anything to rent or to buy for proper money).
  • Pretty good Vietnamese restaurants here.
  • Berlin seems really run-down to me (like no one cares that the city is falling apart, people just sit in the subway tunnel and smoke crack for example) + hunger games over apartments.
  • If you live for techno, then this might be your jam. If not, there’s a big chance it won’t be your dream place.
  • I find it quite easy to live here. It’s a big city with lots of little neighbourhoods (Kiez) – find that one the suits you. Neukölln is not Pberg, neither are Berlin, Berlin is not Germany. I intended to stay for a few months and now it’s been over three years. Yes, things are in German, but then again – it’s Germany, what do you expect? This is part of the experience of living somewhere that doesn’t have English as their national language.
  • Berlin is okay. Living expenses are low. So affording an ok or great living standard shouldn’t be too hard. Transportation is good and still affordable. If self-employed, health care crazy expensive. But be prepared Germans are not happy welcoming people, so having some friends and an ex-pat base group of friends to socialize is a good idea to have. I think Berlin is perfect in summer.
  • 5 years here, what makes Berlin for some people great, makes it for the rest mediocre. The so-called tolerance associated with the city transmuted into ignorance because this is a temporary place for many folks who don’t care for the long term well-being of the communities but only for their short term ”experience, exploration, enjoyment”, feels like a city of no one. It’s a poor city, and you see it every step of the way, you have to be in the upper earning category to kinda isolate yourself from this, and in many ways doesn’t make any sense for someone to come here for the long term to start a family. A lot of green spaces, yes, but not enjoyable when they are populated with drunks drug dealers, and dirty. It is not child-friendly at all, but that doesn’t matter because it is impossible to find a partner anyway when everyone here is just set on the sexual exploration mode with no intentions of settling down. So if you already build something for yourself there don’t give it away for a promise that most certainly won’t deliver. It seems that you are just like me, love big cities and can’t live in smaller ones, but moving to a jungle will bring more problems that will resolve in a long run.
  • If you have the opportunity: Just come here and see for yourself. People are different and like or do not like different things. Self-fulfilling prophecy and a positive mindset work wonders. Berlin has a lot to offer – in my opinion.
  • Do you want to work? If so then you need to look at another city. If you want to hang out it’s ok. It all centre’s on your aspirations and budget. The more you have the better you will be able to get the basics, like a flat, which is now harder than London to find. Berlin is a goldfish bowl. But this question will polarise views, which is why I say it’s about aspirations. It’s pleasant enough if aspirations are limited and budget is too. The other thing is that its main pulling power is clubs and if that’s your thing then at the moment they’re closed and I doubt they will be open this year. So all you have is a place to hang out and in my view, there’s simply more to offer on that menu in other places.

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