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A couple celebrating a new apartment | Real estate agency in Berlin


Has anyone here used a real estate agency to help them find an apartment? I think this has to be my next step in the flat-hunting process. Looking for recommendations.


  • I contacted a few during my hunt just to see if they could magically solve the nightmare that is flat hunting, which is not so much the case. Most will only work for you if you are looking for a place 900 € or higher and charge around 2-3x of the “Kaltmiete” as a rate. Right now, the “market is worse than it has ever been” (or so I heard from every agent I spoke to) and if you’re looking for a 1-2-room apartment for yourself, expect to wait 4-6 months. This could even get worse given the oncoming court decision as landlords might be even more reticent to rent out empty flats (which sucks!). I ultimately found something affordable in a good location in around a month but just for perspective: I requested information on at least 400 apartments and viewed 15, of which I was accepted to 2. It probably occupied 10-20 hours of my workweek. Even with the amount of time I put in, I think I was quite lucky to find something this fast. Many friends of mine have been on the search for 2, 4, 10 months (with some variance in how picky they are). But if you want names to contact, there is Darna Immobilien (a “queer” real estate agency), Expats in Wonderland, and there are several others. Those two seemed to have positive reviews on Reddit and other private user-submitted forums.
  • We used Darna, too. They did not charge in advance, only when we signed the contract. It took them a month to find something for us. We paid 1500 € to them, for a 70sq meter flat. We pay 850 € “Warmmiete”. I would highly recommend them. Very nice and professional.
  • I used Lars Großwendt from Next Step – Berlin Relocation and can highly recommend him. He was very patient with us as we were being pretty picky about what we wanted. He probably sent us around 30 listings and went to 5 with us, as well as helping us with the final contract. Very fair price and we ended up with an amazing apartment. As a bonus, he is a really nice guy!

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A couple celebrating a new apartment | Real estate agency in Berlin
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