Do you regret moving to Berlin?

A young couple packing and moving out | Regret moving to Berlin


Hey expats, does anyone regret moving to Berlin?


  • It’s not a place for the faint-hearted. Especially during COVID times.
  • Everyday. The only thing making me stay is my loved one.
  • I was like this until I got a support system here. Since last year, I’m happy and glad to be here.
  • Nope. Never… 💜 Berlin 💙
  • Once the lockdown is over we will all feel differently.
  • I never regret being in Berlin, whatever happens.
  • Could be worse, you could be stuck in the U.S.
  • Sometimes I am thinking of how it would be to still be in my hometown close to most of my friends and family. But then I remember how much I miss Berlin when I am not here ❤️
  • I left for a while so I wouldn’t have to suffer through the lockdown period. Was quite okay going to my home country where COVID restrictions are a fraction of what is currently in effect in Germany.
  • I’m so thankful to be here. I feel so much safer and healthier.
  • Moving to Berlin was the worst decision ever. But it is just because of my experience…
  • I regret I didn’t come here 20 years ago already.
  • Sort of. I’m so homesick but it’s also nice to be in a place that actually takes it seriously. I know in a few weeks things will be safe again. If I was at home in the US I would just be in a similar (though self-imposed) situation but with COVID at a much higher and more dangerous level.
  • Not regretting leaving “home”, but regretting ending up here a lot. Should have done more research before moving.
  • I partly regret. I like Munich more than Berlin, but the people 😖… Nonetheless, now I don’t see any difference between rude Berliners and rudeness anywhere in Germany. So I feel okay to move. I know what to expect as a foreigner in Germany.
  • No. Berlin is a uniquely beautiful city, and Germany is an advanced prosperous country with law and order and social solidarity, in the heart of Europe. Yes, there are flaws, but that’s everywhere.
  • You’re not the only one, there are 6000 people less in Berlin than last year. The great reset has begun.

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A young couple packing and moving out | Regret moving to Berlin
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