Recommend me a self-defence class

A woman is training for self-defense


Can someone please recommend a good self-defence class or training you took in Berlin?


  • Xuân De Angelis is a good self-defence instructor.
  • Run if u feel unsafe, screams also helps a lot (while you are running away). I worked in the police for 5 years, and it is the best what I can suggest for self-defence. Always working if you can run fast.
  • I took some self-defence classes, truth be told that we as women have less chance to defeat the attacker so the best way is to gain some seconds to run away. My friend was a boxing champion and she was raped anyway when attacked by 2 guys, so even being female Bruce Lee might not be a big help.
  • Pretty Deadly Self Defense

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A woman is training for self-defense
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