How do I submit my tax declaration in Germany if I don’t speak German?

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I don’t speak German, so my question is, what is a good way to submit my tax declaration in Germany without speaking the language? I am employed and was working in Berlin the whole year.


  • Normally, if you are just an employee, you don’t really need to declare your taxes at all.
  • If you were in Kurzarbeit during the year and received Kurzarbeitgeld, you HAVE TO declare your taxes. I would suggest to do it via Taxfix app/web, they are helpful and their service is in English as well.
  • Get yourself a good English-speaking tax accountant (=Steuerberater), who will do everything for you. But you will need to pay for their service.
  • I was declaring my taxes with wundertax. Very satisfied.
  • SteuerGo
  • If you have a German friend, you can do it together with them (just buy them a nice dinner for the work) using the official Elster Portal.
  • Not sure if they have an English version, but SmartSteuer helped me a lot.

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