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Any recommendations for good long-term travel insurance for those living in Berlin?


  • TK offers Envivas and covers long stays.
  • Ergo insurance via SBK.
  • Feather offers something like that.
  • I use Ottonova.
  • Get a credit card that offers insurance. Most of them do but MasterCard and/or Amex best coverage as far as I’ve seen. Different card “levels” offer different coverage so check what you need/want and go for that.
  • I spent 3 years in Egypt covered by the Allianz and they covered everything in Germany (really everything – pregnancy, birth, skin check, dentist) providing the fact that I could prove that I didn’t spend more than 3 months in a row in Germany.
  • It seems like a really bad idea. If you plan to be a resident of Germany, you would need proper local insurance from the day you do Anmeldung. That is the law.

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Backpacker | Travel insurance
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