What do you think about Urban Sports Club?

Urban Sports Club


What do you think about Urban Sports Club? Does anybody use it for gym only like to assist Holmes Place instead of purchasing a membership with them or other gyms? What is your opinion about the other benefits?


  • I used to be with Urban Sports Club when it made sense for me (I do one specific workout that is offered in a few different gyms on different days), but it completely depends on what you need. If you’re just doing machines, it would be cheaper and easier to just get one gym membership. If you like trying new things, USC is great and definitely worth the money.
  • I have it because I like to do a variety of exercises and the passes for those separately would be way more expensive.
  • Makes sense when you go to the gym a lot a lot or are really into activities (squash, tennis etc.). Otherwise, it makes more sense to get a regular membership.
  • You do not need to sign up in Holmes Place. You just go to reception, check in through USC app and get the card for lockers. It could potentially be slightly more complicated due to corona but it’s not like you have to fill out a sign up form every time you’re there.
  • If you get a discount through your work then go for it. Most places will require you to fill something out for your first go but then they have you in their system and just show your pass and go on.

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Urban Sports Club
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