Where can I buy vegan cheese?

Vegan cheese on the wooden shelf


Any vegans here? Where can you buy vegan cheese?


  • Highly recommend Dr Pogo Veganladen Kollektiv. They have a huge selection of vegan cheese, also from very small companies.
  • Denn’s Biomarkt has a lot of vegan stuff they call cheese.
  • Cashewbert is sold in Dr Pogo and Veganz.
  • Yeti Cheese in Böckstrasse is super good.
  • LPG Biomarkt has good options also
  • I got veta (vegan feta) from Kaufland and it’s delicious. Coconut based. All fat and no protein tho.
  • Regular supermarkets like Biocompany/Edeka/Rewe/Kaufland have. And also Veganz.
  • You can also order via Vekoop they have a lot of choice in vegan cheeses.
  • Rewe has Violife and simply V which are great. They usually have their own section together with the meat substitutes.
  • Vitalia has for example Violife cheeses which are super good!

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