Where can I buy a bicycle?

Bicycle | Where can I buy a bicycle in Berlin?


Where can I buy a bicycle at a cheap price in Berlin? I prefer to buy from the store rather than buying online.


  • Well, bikes are never cheap. Depends on what cheap is for you. Probably Decathlon will be a choice for you.
  • Stadler in Landsberger Allee.
  • Bikemarketcity. It’s not a corporate chain like Stadler, Decathlon, etc. You will get a selection of good bikes with some very good advice. Do ask for discount if you pay all at once.
  • I got mine from Stadler though I wouldn’t say it was really cheap.
  • Berliner Fahrrad Markt, you won’t be able to get one now, but I think they have markets in the spring. Very cheap and you can try out everything. Often the police and ADFC are there so you can register and/or get your bike coded.
  • Das Radhaus.

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Bicycle | Where can I buy a bicycle in Berlin?
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