Where can I donate blood or plasma?

Blood donation | Where can I donate blood in Berlin


My partner and I tried to donate blood today. I was turned down as I don’t speak well German. So where can I donate blood or plasma without speaking German?


  • You can register in Charite and they will call you
  • I have tried to give blood once and was not possible as my German was not good enough (B2). The guy said that I needed to understand all the medical terminology in the form. I really do not understand that as it was a donation.
  • Also, you’re excluded from donating blood if you lived in the UK any time between 1980-1996. Just as any other nationals who lived there back then. Brits born after 1996 or emigrated before 1980 aren’t affected. It’s because there is no test to see if you had Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD).
  • Here is an in-depth article about blood donation in Germany.

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Blood donation | Where can I donate blood in Berlin
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