Why is Berghain so popular?

Berghain | Why is Berghain so popular?


I was wondering why is Berghain so popular? Never been in that club but I was wondering why and how there’s so much hype about it?


  • It’s a grimy, fucked up techno club with a great sound system. It is the centre of the world for a certain type of music/fashion/person/experience.
  • The sound system is really good in there but definitely not my type of people to party with. I’ve been to many clubs all over the world, but this one was very unspectacular besides the sound system.
  • They design their crowd for commercial purposes and have lost the Berlin techno spirit. It’s a huge tourist trap.
  • The crowd is a piece of artwork. Not merely aesthetically, but truly some of the most fun and interesting people I’ve ever met. The music is on point as well of course.
  • Do you think the bouncers are a part of why so many people want to be in there? I still don’t understand why is Berghain so popular…
  • Because it’s a myth and relatively exclusive in terms of getting in. That’s enough to create a hype.

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