Wild camping in Berlin and Brandenburg. Is it legal?

Camping in a tent | Wild camping in Berlin and Brandenburg


Wild camping in Berlin and Brandenburg. Is it legal?


  • No. Only in permitted camping sites. There are many locations in Brandenburg where it is naturally protected and can cause some fines.
  • As with a lot of laws in Germany, there are several rules and they contradict each other. Wild camping is technically permitted for one night only to foot, horse, boat and cycle tourists “just passing through” and not on protected land. I have read people suggest carrying a printed copy of the law and tape it outside the tent or have it handy for the inevitable case when the police do stop you https://www.zitty.de/wildes-campen/
  • It’s generally completely illegal, but there are technicalities for one-night-only camping in very specific instances. However, police in many communities either do not know or do not respect these laws. So you can certainly run into trouble
  • Wild camping is, regarding the fire risk, not the best idea.

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